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The Great Big Post of Self-Directed Learning Resources for Malcontented Teens

Beach High will assess your accomplishments and give you a high school degree for a reasonable price.

Coursera , Open Culture , and Academic Earth are great websites for free online courses.

This website has tons of links to other helpful sites- with all the websites it lists, you have the opportunity to learn practically anything!

The Facebook group School-Free Teens is full of education advocates and other unschooled teenagers.

The Teenager’s Guide to Opting Out of School is a free online book about self-directed education.

Ed Zed Omega is a public media “authentic fiction” (sort of like the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, except it’s not based on Jane Austen) about a group of teens who decide to leave school and educate themselves.

John Taylor Gatto writes about self-directed education and the flaws of traditional schools.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook is one of the best books about self-directed education.

Happy learning! 

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